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Thursday, 2 August 2012


Well, I like being a traffic controller.  I like being up during the day, I like working outside and away from people who would make my life miserable.

Or, at least, I think I do.

I have been working in the field now 4 weeks, but, I have only worked 12 days.

My boss says "No need for you to drive 2 hours to the worksite."  I say, I knew I'd likely be doing that when I started.  No issues for me.  So thats gotta be bullshit.  Where's the work?"

"Next week," says she.

That was last week.  I'm still waiting.

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I wonder if I have done something wrong.  I'm new. I''ve made the odd error.  So has everyone when they are new.  No cars have been wrecked, and no one's been hurt.  So what the fuck?

If don't work, I'll never be good.  Simple as that.  I need the experience.

I have never been to the worksite late when I have been in charge of my own transport.  I am usually early.  I have also never knocked back any work, regardless of distance travelled to and from on my own time.

When I asked about work this week, she again says, "next week."  I'm not holding my breath.

I told her if I knew I would be working in an area for prolonged periods (4-5 days) I'd rent a room to forego travel.  Right now, I rely on a day-to-day update on whether or not I'm working the next day,  I'm not going to rent a room for a week if I'm only working 2 days.  I sent that in an email. 

Naturally, she has not replied.

I'll give her one more Monday.  If I've not 4 days work, I'm gonna hafta quit.

I know, I'm whinging...


  1. I'd be pissed to dude, employers are asshats

    1. They can be. I'm getting at least three days this week, hopefully more. My investigation, however, indicates that there was no real reason for this.

    2. Was she just picking on you because you are the low guy on the totem pole or is she just being nasty because she can?

    3. I'm not sure she knows exactly what she's doing. I've had a couple good weeks, but I'm nosing around for another job all the same.

  2. Do you get paid for the days you don't work?
    I'm like you, though. I hate doing nothing when I should be working.

    1. No. No work, no pay. And that makes me very unhappy.