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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Eddard's Diary 6

When we reached the inn, Tia went back to her room to get ready for her shift.  I went back to Thoram.  

When I got inside, Thoram wasn't alone.  Aside from the plates surrounding him (the stacked empties numbered more than a dozen), the amount of food had seemed not to change, and he had a fresh pitcher of ale.  He was joined by Azzarak, Garrus, and another figure.  The quality of his equipment rivalled Garrus'.  He was built more like me, Thin, yet strong looking, and intelligence shone from his eyes.

Thoram smiled when he saw me, but it was Garrus who spoke first,"Eddard, I'd like you meet Logan.  He's a strategist that my father was kind enough to loan to me indefinitely."

"Well met, Sir Logan," I said, taking him for knight for his manner was impeccable was he stood to greet me," I am glad to have you with us."

"Well met, indeed, Eddard, but I am no knight.  I am a priest of the Red Knight."  The Red Knight was the right hand to Tempus, the strategist to the Fury of the God of War.  It was then I saw his Holy Symbol.  I was a little embarrassed. 

I nodded as I took my seat.

Logan began,"Before we begin on our mission, I thought we should put together a list of skills of the Party members." He consulted some notes.  "Thoram is a fighter, and handy with an axe.  Garrus is a knight, trained in the use of sword and shield."  When I nodded, he asked me,"and you?"

"I am a good fighter, trained in shortblades, and I am a fair shot with the bow.  I have most of the usual paladin abilities, including that mysterious hesitation by those who have given themselves to evil, giving me a slight advantage in combat.  But I do not heal, nor will I be able to invoke Mystra's name against undead.  I am an inquisitor, a paladin trained for combat against rogue mages."  I kept my voice down as I said the last, for while knowledge of my order was uncommon, those that needed to know knew, and I didn't want them to know I was here.

He nodded, making notes.

Suddenly from dark corner of the room, there was a crashing sound of a stone mug smashing to pieces and noise of wood being dragged across the flagstone floor.  Ulf struggled to his feet, looking confused and a little under the weather.  "Mornin'.. oh shit..."  He somehow stumbled to a cleaning bucket, toppling a couple of chairs in process.  The sound of retching followed.

When he finally stood, colour had returned to his face, but his voice was like gravel.  "Barkeep! Hair of the Dog! Ha, Ha, Ha!"  The last 'ha' was more of croak.  He sat down at our table, smelling like someone pissed up the brew he consumed last night, maybe it was him.  "Garrus, who's your friend?"

"He's a priest of the Red Knight." Garrus said.  I don't know if he was slightly repulsed by Ulf's display, or amused.  I hadn't learnt to read him yet.  "He'll be travelling with us."

"Cool.  Hey Eddard," He said looking around,"You remember that pair of tits last night?  I can't remember who she is.  So much of last night is an alcohol haze,  maybe it was her," he said, sizing up a barmaid,"No couldn't be, they look too small."

"Ulf," I said.

"Eh?" His hair of the dog arrived.  He gulped it, made a face, shook, saying,"Ahh, that's more like it."  And indeed, he did look better.

"This man wants to know your skills."  I said and ordered more watered wine.

"I drink.  I fight. I wench," He roared with laughter.  His hair was long, in the Northern Style, a barbarian through and through.  His massive chest shoved the air out his lungs with each laugh. He wore a longsword, and a spear and daggers galore.  He also had a bow.  I noticed Logan didn't miss any of it.

"Excellent," he said, smiling," but we may be light with missile fire."

Azzarak came in through the main doors.

"A glorious morning, Tempus has smiled on us," he said, sitting down.

"Good morning, Azzarak." I said, and turned to Logan," He is a priest of Tempus.  And an excellent fighter."  I had figured that much out after last night.  My drink had arrived, and I took a sip.

Logan took it all down. "Is that everyone?"

I nodded. 

"Hmmm.  We'll need a scout before we can do this.  I'll be back later, I need to see who is available."

All business.  I guess that's Logan.

It was after lunch before he returned.  I think its fair to say that the only time I saw Thoram without a plate in front of him was when he went to the bathroom.  Ulf spent the time sizing barmaid's bosums.  He didn't recognise them, however even when she served him his lunch.

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