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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Eddard's Diary 4

Author's Note:  You know, this is going to take quite some time to write out.  I'm only on the second game in the writings- if that- not that I'm complaining mind.  I am learning heaps about Eddard as I write this, the whys and motives of his actions.  I am actually surprised at myself.  I am a player in the game. not the DM- so the shit that the DM throws at me I have to deal with as best I can.  I also have no prior knowledge of what that shit might be until it appears in the game.  The reactions of my character will be explained in these writings,  Using those explanations I hope to be able to play the character more realistically.  I hope to eventually catch up to the game progression, but I can't see that happening.  What you are reading is actually as I recall the games of several weeks ago.  My apologies to the DM if things aren't "quite right."  I will be writing in the first person.  Everything will be from Eddard's point of view.  What he doesn't see, won't be written about.  And now, I've delayed the this installment long enough...

"Sir Garrus!" Said the dwarf again,"The deputy myor of Halfbrook told me you were going to help.  I want to know how you intend get my stuff back."

"Your stuff?" Sir Garrus, asked.

"My name is Thoram, I am an armour merchant, and I was in Halfbrook when it was raided.  I was assured, before staying in the village that my gear was safe.  Needless to say, it wasn't.  They assured me they did everything possible during the raid.  What I saw was the two militiamen hiding while the goblins ran rampant.  I am offering a reward."

"Ahhh, Thoram, I..."

"I need it, I was entrusted with its sale.  Weapons and armour..."

"Thoram, you mean to tell me that Dwarven weapons and armour have been taken by the bandits?"

I sank in my chair a little at the news.  That was bad.  Dwarven gear was good quality.

"I am assembling a crew to do just that," said the nobleman," but its not going to be easy."

I looked at the dwarf.  For all his size, he looked strong.  I interrupted,"Actually, the best way to get your stuff back is to get it yourself."

The conversation stopped.  Everyone at the table was looking at me. 

"Besides," I continued," you'll need to identify your stolen goods. Why not come with us?"

The conversation went back and forth for bit, but somehow he agreed.

I think I impressed Garrus.  "That makes four," he said.

"I can get another," I said rising. 

I went to Ulf's table.  I thought him a capable fighter.  He was drunk, but he had a barmaid in his lap, a breast in his mouth, and a hand on the other.

"Ulf," I said.  "Ulf, I have proposition."

The breast popped out of his mouth," Oh hey, Eddard."

"We've got some fightin' to do!"

"Fighting?" It almost looked like some sobriety returned to him. "What's it pay?"

"An equal share if the loot and the dwarf," I made a vague gesture to our table," had offerred a reward if we can get his goods."

He checked his purse.  It looked light to me. "When do we leave?"

"I don't know." I replied.  "You in?"

He looked mournfully at his purse." See you tomorrow."

I took that as a yes. "I'll leave you to a most impressve pair."  I smiled as I returned to the table.  "Five," I said sitting down.

"Six actually," said Garrus," I have.. a friend that will be coming."

The dwarf, during my fairly short conversation with Ulf, had already obtained several plates of food and was busy eating them.  I ordered another drink, my final for the night.  Mulled wine.  I never drank much, preferring a clear head and fast reflexes, but I had been drinking more than usual.

Young Redhand told me his story.  The second son, he wasn't goig to inherit, and tired of house sitting while his father and brother rode off to war, getting the glory, decided to do something about it.  He made a deal with his father.  He would forego any claim on the estate to be able to make his own way.  His father agreed.  He would go, and make no further claim.  I did notice that Garrus' equipment was of excellent quality.  I also expected him to have a pouch full of gold, or maybe platinum.

I went up to the suite.  It's opulance was impressive.  And it was fully staffed.  I did one final thing before bed. I had a hot bath.  First one in 7 days.  By Mystra, it felt good to be clean.

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