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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Proofs of my Personal Creedo

I had 2 very critical, and very cynical maxims when I was driving cab so many years ago.  Today, in spades, the first was proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I believe, as cynical as they are, my actions as a result of this statement may have saved my life at least once, possibly twice in the cab.

My first, and most critical maxim was "people are stupid."  This is a broad generalisation.  Please don't it personally, and bear in mind, it doesn't apply to absolutely everybody, or necessarily, yourself.

I work as a traffic controller for areas where roads are under construction.  Today, it was highway work.  Now, we had one lane blocked off for construction vehicle access, and to provide a buffer for the public, so that they are not put at risk by things like reversing equipment into traffic.  And for the workers, to minimise their risk of exposure to people who race through the zone.

Sounds good right?

I was physically standing, blocking traffic in the eastbound traffic lane.  Further ahead of me, visible in the zone was a concrete truck, a traffic control ute, and workmen working.  Blocking that same lane.

As it was my turn to send traffic through the zone, I turned my bat to slow, and directed traffic into the westbound, without moving, thereby forcing traffic into the directed lane.

Initially it was all good.  I released the vehicles and they swung into the directed lane, and I thought, no worries.  They'll be right.


Without exception, every single car, there was around ten, went back into the eastbound lane despite the obvious obstruction further up the road.  The senior traffic controller had to redirect them back into the westbound lane to get around the vehicles.

Once again proving...

People are stupid.

Further evidence of this all too common phenomena will be presented as it is made apparent.

Maxim Number 2:  People are assholes.

I have yet to experience this phenomena directly on the worksite, but when I do, rest assured, You'll know!


  1. People are like that all over the world unfortunately. They think that they can get ahead and around of the other guys in traffic when they can't in reality.

    1. You know, I may have it wrong. People aren't stupid. They're sheep.