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Friday, 31 August 2012

Meeting the Final Party Member

He came back after lunch.
"There are a couple of candidates in the area," he said sitting down,"but the one I've heard the most about is Wren."
"By Tempus' hairy balls," Ulf said, spitting out some ale,"Not her!  She's an uptight bitch."
I turned to look at Ulf.  I hadn't known him long, but I think I knew why he said that.  "Turned you down, eh?"
"Not just turned down," he said."She actually led me on for a bit.  Got real close to me like she was going to take me up on my offer, right about then I realised that there was a dagger aimed at my scrotum.  I mean, she coulda just slapped me."
I nearly spit out my wine.
"Anyways," continued Logan," We will have to go and meet her.  A bit of a loner, she has a camp about a half hour's walk from here."
"How good is she?" I asked him.
"She's an excellent scout.  She had great success in the recent campaign.  She also is known to use magic.  There is something else.  She doesn't like knightly types."
That left Garrus out of meeting her.  He is too well known and a proper knight.
"I'll go." I said.
"But you're a paladin."
"I know.  But we can't send Ulf.  There's negative history there.  The half orc could give her the wrong impression.  I'm actually not sure how she'd take to Thoram.  With them out of the picture, that leaves us.  Less than ideal, but, I am not quite as knightly as Sir Garrus.  I'll also let you do most of the talking."
And so we left the inn.  We eventually came to a clearing about a half hour away.  It had but one occupant, a very attractive half-elf with dark skin.  It gave her an exotic appearance, and one I can honestly say would have drawn me to her, but somehow, I wasn't interested.
"Who are you," She said, angry that her solitude was interrupted.
"Hello," Logan said," We are very sorry to have interrupted your day, but we would like to discuss a matter of some urgency with you."
She still looked annoyed, and to tell truth I don't think she liked the look of either of us.  "Make it quick."
"I am Logan, a priest of the Red Knight, and this is Eddard."
"Well met," I said quickly.
Logan continued,"We are embarking on a mission to wipe out a known goblin/hobgoblin bandit group that is looting, killing and taking people from the area around the village of Halfbrook.  The Mayor of Halfbrook has been seeking someone to come and help him, and we have decided to aid him."
"What's that to do with me?"
"We need a scout," I said," and you are the best one in the area."
"Thats true," she said, but her tone hadn't softened at my attempt at flattery.  Still she hadn't told us to leave.  Yet.
"May I lay it all out for you?" I asked.
When she nodded, I said, "Defenceless people are being killed, and the bandits are doing it.  It isn't right.  We want to end it.  We offer you what we've offered everyone else.  Equal share in the treasure."
She thought about it for a while." Okay, but there's something you need to know.  I do my job, I do it well.  I don't take orders and no body tells me how to do my job."
Logan seemed a little put out.  I just smiled, inwardly wondering if I've opened a can of worms.  "Agreed," I said," We can certainly live with that.  We are leaving in the morning from the Troll and Maiden."  I expect we simply caught her between jobs, or maybe she'd pissed everyone off with whom she's previously worked.  Doesn't matter.
"Agreed." she said.
We had a scout.  I was happy with that.  I think.

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