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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Eddard's Diary 5

I awoke to brilliant sunshine streaming in my window.  My first good night's sleep in a week.  The suite was on Rygor, so I ordered breakfast and took it in my room.  Eggs, bacon, fresh bread and watered wine.  I was pleased with myself and the world.  I lost a fight last night, true.  I also probably made an enemy.  But, in the end, I prevented a crime, more serious than murder in my opinion, from occurring.  And that meant much to me.

Lighthearted I went down to the taproom.  At the bottom of the stairs,  I looked at the remains of the previous night's revelry.  Bodies and vomit lay strewn all over the floor.  The inn's staff was already hard at work, shooing the revellers out, or waking for breakfast and hair of the dog.

In a clean corner, I saw Thoram already seated.  Ulf and Azzarak were no where in sight.  Thoram was almost invisible behind mountains food, and neatly stacked to one side, empty plates.  Last night's late feast had no visible impact on his appetite.

"Eddard, Good morning.  Tia was looking for you," he said amiably, full of good spirits.  I supposed his capacity for drink outweighed the possibility of a hangover.  Or maybe it was simply legendary Dwarven constitution.

"Tia?" I didn't know the name.

"The woman you saved from that barbarian last night.

Oooh, that Tia. "Where is she now?"

"She had to go out."

I looked around.  There was no sign of Ulf or Garrus.  I turned back to Thoram.  "I think I'll go look for her," I said rising.

"If the others show up, I'll let them know," said the dwarf.

After inquiring with the innkeeper, I learnt that Tia was at a morning service of thanks at a nearby Temple devoted to Chauntea.  It was only a few minutes walk from the Inn, and was a major temple in the area.  I decided to go for walk.

I arrived at the temple.  The scent of a rich earthy garden filled my nostrils even before the temple grounds came into sight.  The service, led by the priests dressed in the plain brown robes of Chauntea, were leading the worshippers.  Planting, gardening, weeding, and praising their Goddess.

I was familiar with the religion, but I am a servant of Mystra, and so decided not to interrupt.  I watched the service with some interest, and waited for its conclusion about an hour later.

As the service wound down, I looked for Tia, and approached her.  In daylight, and up close, I could see very clearly the beauty that shone from within her.  Before I could engage her in conversation, I was intercepted by a priest.

"An offering for the Goddess?" he asked holding a seed and a small garden shovel.

I honoured the Deity into whose temple I strode.  I planted the seed, with sombre reverence.  When I finished, I said," My name is Eddard, of Mystra.  I have actually come to speak with Tia, a member of your flock."

He smiled at me, and let me pass.  I caught up with her.

"Hey Tia.  I heard you were looking for me."  Her beauty had not faded up close, but instead became more enchanting.  She is tall, brown haired but with shining green eyes.  She wasn't slim but she also wasn't fat.  The extra weight only enhanced her curves.  It was then I realised she wasn't alone.  She had a daughter with her.

"You didn't have to come all the way out here," She said," I just wanted to thank you.  For last night."

"You don't have to thank me," I said.

"But I want to.  I want to let you know that for the duration of your stay, the staff at the inn will be making special meals for you and your friend."

I wouldn't have called Azzarak my friend, I thought, I only sided with him last night,  Still, I hoped as I got know him better he might become one.  Though I knew it would take a bit to overcome his appearance.

"I got my ass kicked last night, and but for the timely intervention of Stormhammer, I would've died, and you..well.."

"You took that risk for me." she said.  There was a look in her eyes that I didn't recognise that day.  "Please accept."

"I would be honoured."  What else could I do but accept?

The wagon that the worshippers used to go to and from the temple had started to leave.  She made as if to get on it. 

"Let's walk back together." I said.

Making small talk, we walked back to the Troll and Maiden together. Tia, her daughter, and I, though I confess I barely noticed the daughter.

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