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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Backstory: Eddard Feldicar

from the records regarding active members of the order of paladins of the Temple of Mystra, Waterdeep

Born Eddard to Tasha Feldicar nee Deshkin and Ilvaz Feldicar 19 years ago.  Ilvaz was a longtime priest of the temple, an adventurer of some success.  Tasha was a practising mage of the same party. After sharing adventures for some time, they fell in love and the union produced their only known offspring, Eddard.

At the tender age of 4, his parents, retired from the adventuring life, left the child in the care of the temple, to take care of "unfinished business."  They haven't been seen in Waterdeep since.

(note:  Because of the passage of time, his parents are presumed dead, whatever called them away from their only son remains a mystery to the temple.  Their assets, in accordance with the will registered in the temple records, written just before they left (perhaps they knew the risks of what they were facing), were to be claimed by the temple to offset the cost of rearing and educating their son. Also, in accordance with their wishes, knowledge of the circumstances of their disappearance, as little as it is,  was to be denied to him until he came into his own)

Because of Eddard's parentage, and the terms of the taking of assets, the temple invested time and education into the child in the hopes that he would become a mage.  Sadly, he lacked the intellectual capacity to become a mage of great talent.  But because he showed remarkable dexterity and and talent for weapons, the Mystran order of Paladins undertook his training by the age of 8.

His attack speed, and will with the blade had him squired to the small, little known order of Mystran Inquisitors.  These paladins are trained specifically to deal with rogue mages who use magic to enslave, control, or destroy for personal gain.

"Magic is meant to serve man and not to Rule over him"  So reads the sign into the commanding Inquisitor's quarters.  This is the first rule of the doctrine that guides the Inquisitors in their appointed tasks.

His formal training ended one month past.  He was shortly sent on assignment, as rumour has spread that the recent humanoid incursions from the Reaching Wood are being directed by a Cabal of evil spell casters.  Eddard, fresh from training, was sent on the journey to investigate.  The last of his parents assets were used to equip him and he sent with enough provisions and money for 3 weeks.  The understanding was to investigate and report, not to engage.

He was to meet a Mystran agent in Corm Orp two weeks ago.  Thus far, he has failed to arrive at his destination.  It is presumed that he has stumbled upo something enroute, and at the moment, is undertaking the investigation.  It is too soon to assume some evil has befallen him, and we await word from our man in Corm Orp before undertaking further action.  We are watching the situation closely.


  1. Sounds like a fun charcter.

  2. He is, fights with shortblades and short bow, and skilled in horse archery. Everything is about speed, speed over damage. Favourite weapon is short sword in each hand. Definitely not your sword and lance type.

  3. That's basically what trinity is, except she uses a enchanted long sword with a attack speed of 1, and can haste 1 / per day, plus has quickness profiency.

    1. True, With Eddard's abilities, he will be able to disspell magic at a 100% base. He is also immune to all control spells at a base of 80%. Okay, so he can;t turn undead.

  4. Love the comment about magic. I will use this later on myself. Anyways, Eddard looks to a different character type than you have played before. Not sure if being able to go undead will be a problem later on for him or not. Will have to wait and see.

    1. Actually that line is borrowed from Dragon Age: Origins video game. Its part of of the motto of the Templars. I thought this character idea was a fairly close match to the basic Templar philosophy.

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