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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Youth Vs. Age

I am old and fat, especially when compared to the young charges at the boarding school where I work.  I maybe 42, but my hair has, since I was 21, been turning white, and now it virtually is. 

So I am slower.  I know there is no point in chasing the boys around.  They can out run me, easy.  That will get me no where except out of breath.  So I adopt a more, well, sinister approach.

I know where they sleep.

In fact, I have to wake them up in morning to go to school.  If behavior is good, I wake them gently.  If its not, I'm not so gentle.

I did get in trouble for using loud noise to wake them- they complained to my boss.  Poor little darlings.  I had to wake up to a loud noise every morning- my alarm clock, especially when I was their age.  But my boss put the kybosh on that.

But there is more than one way to kick the can.

I now use water.  Cold water, straight from the fridge.  I just dribble some on the little precious' head.  They hate it.  So much in fact, that problems in the morning have almost completely disappeared.

Score one for me.  Management knows about it, and they haven't told me officially to stop.  Not even unofficially..

So The kids may get one over on the other supervisors.  I don't know how some of the kids get away with it.  But they are wary of me.  And around here, that's a good thing.


  1. You are so cruel, lol, what a way to get back at those kids just because they take advantage of the fact that they are younger and faster. I didn't know that I was slower than when I was a kid until I attempted to run alongside my little cousin as she rode her bike around the neighborhood. Boy, was that a mistake, lol.

    I couldn't even make it past two blocks and had to ask her to slow down...imagine how that sounds...asking a kid to slow down while riding on their bike during the Summer! Fat chance! It takes away all of the fun of having a bike in the first place. So sad but so true.

    I then realized that my lack of daily exercising is at least part of the reason why I became slower than kids. While I still may not be as fast as them, if I can develop better exercising habits, I think I'll at least be able to catch up with them.

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    1. Nicole, I'd never do that without cause. Trouble is, there's little shortage of cause around here.

  2. Yes I agree with the comment above you are being cruel to yourself.Beauty come from within, I hope where you work realises that.


    1. All indications are that they don't. I look after teenagers- grades 8-12- and these boys have no desire to follow the rules. Most of them aren't even here for the education- they don't respect the school, or the staff. Its all we can do to keep them in line.

  3. Yeouch. I congratulate your tenacity. Tough decision to make, but I believe the right one. Good job.

  4. You are not fat, it's paid for. lol.. Anyways, love how you get the boys up. I must remember that for when my boys won't get up for school. ^_^