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Monday, 2 April 2012

Cars, Cars, Cars

Day three A to Z must be the letter C.  And C, if you've been following my Blog, must be for cars.

As you can see from my driving history, cars must be important to me.  I've had 13 vehicles in a driving history that only spans 18 years.  Thats a different car every 14 months.  There are only 3 cars left to talk about, the VS Commodore SS wagon, the Audi 80, and the Honda Prelude.

Each and every car I've bought is because of how I'd look in the shop window, driving it.  They've all had their faults.  They've all had their pluses.

My passion for cars did lead me into a sales job.  I moved 22 cars in 13 weeks, and got the sack anyways.  It really should be 23 cars.  I sold a V8 SS ute- and I know he wouldn't have bought it unless I had given it a few revs- but because my name didn't end up being on the paperwork- he went to the sales manager to sign the papers- I got fuck all credit for the sale. 

But I'm not bitter.

For me, its the rush when the engine catches.  That knowledge that right at that instant, I can go where I want to.  I can get there when I want to.  Cars define freedom for me.  Yes, license fees, fuel costs, maintainance, rego, and insurance all cost money, but freedom, ironically, isn't free.  I'll pay the price, because the illusion is worth it.

Sure, if it has tits or tyres it'll keep ya broke (just ask The Wife) but both are fun to ride.  And similarly, both are worth it.

Like marriage, I've been to forced to make tough decisions with cars.  Do I buy gas or vodka?  Do I go to the mountains or get an oil change?  Life is about decisions, and not always are they in favour of the car.  Sometimes I want that bottle of vodka.  After all, I live with The Wife.

Of all these cars, which one was the best one I've ever owned?

Well, each has had its own merits.  The Blazer was the right vehicle for the job- at least for that trip to Mountain Park.  But it handled like the Diplomat (with fuel consumption to match) but I think the Diplomat had more ready power.  The Diplomat was the first vehicle to be in my name- and so is the sentimental favourite.  The most modern car was the Nissan (okay I know the commodore is a later model, but Nissan seems more modern somehow) with features like heated steering wheel, and seats, electric sunroof, and an engine that is quicker off the mark.  It also holds my land speed record, yet that isn't enough to make it my favourite.

My favourite car isn't the most modern.  My favourite isn't the biggest or the sentimental.  My favourite is actually the Honda Prelude.  Its not the quickest, but it is the oldest (date of manufacture to date of purchase). 


Its a manual.  A proper five speed, and the four wheel steering makes it handle.  The car is insane in the corners.  That makes the Prelude the most fun.  But with over 371000 kms on the clock, the car is on its way out.

So, ultimately, what am I going to replace it with?

It will be another 5speed.  It will be another sports car (my apologies to The Wife).  I'm thinking something made by Nissan.

Don't worry.  I'll let you know.


  1. Great post! I've only been driving for two years and recently bought my second car, a Smart Roadster. They don't make them any more because they have leaks and the wheels are made of cheese but they look great. :-)

    1. they do have the look, even I like the way they look. just don't ask me about the smartfor2...

  2. hmmm so the wife drives you to drink eh... well after Ive killed you I will soak you in vodka!!!!

  3. Motorcycles beat out cars every time. I still miss my first `56 Chevy, though. But that was a lot of cars ago.

    1. Been thinking about a bike. Half serious too. The cost of Rego and Fuel make the daily commute so significantly cheaper. I could potentially save over $200/month. Thats significant.

  4. Hmm. I completely can't relate to the car-obsession, although this is a fun post to read. My two sons and their hundreds of toy cars relate, though.

    1. Thats how I started. Matchbox and hotwheels on the living room carpet...

  5. I can't quite relate to the car obsession except through proximity: my husband is into his favorites, which I get to hear about all the time. :)

    A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds