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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


What would the world be today without this most important of modern advances?

I would be lonelier, I can tell you that.  The internet has truly made the long distance romance possible.  I can testify to this.  In fact, my meeting my wife predates blogging.   Goes back to the days when chat rooms were in vogue, in fact.

There was a place, out in cyberspace.  I knew it as Lycos, and that was where my life goes.  After my first wife passed, I lived on cigarettes and alcohol.  I had completely lost the plot.  I didn't even want to live anyomore.  100proof vodka and despair.  That was my food and water. 

Then, in my lonliness, and perhaps my need to reach out, I started hanging out on the net.  I  found Lycos.  And since I was in my thirties, I started hanging in the forties and fifties room.

And I was probably making too much of my situation, because someone was getting sick of it.

The first message I got from this person went something along the lines of, "get over yourself."

She never spoke to men online, but for whatever reason, she spoke to me.  I can't even remember my reply, but it must of been pretty good because she sent me another message.  Strangely we started talking.  The more I learned about her, the more I liked.  She must of liked me well enough because 2 months later we were still talking.

Phone calls started.  Webcams were bought and used.  Next thing you know, my world goes from uspide down to upside right, because I was in love.

A flight was booked, and I came to Australia for the second time.  In person, the physical attraction was powerful, but we were already in love.

More messages, more webcams, and then she's on a plane. coming to Canada.  But I already knew I was moving down under.  She has children (grown), I do not.  I was in far better position to make a clean break.

When I took up Jasper way and we came around the mountain.  We got out of the car, and she said, "Why would you want to leave when you have all this beauty around you?"

I don't think she understood my response, when I told her that she is all beauty I need.

I moved to Australia when I completed my schooling.

The Wife and I have been Married 8 years, to the day.  Happy anniversary, my love.


  1. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z challenge. Lovely blog...good luck with the challenge!

    Donna L Martin

  2. happy anniversary to you and your wifey!
    Happy A-Zing!

  3. Fantastic story!

    I love the Internet and don't know what I'd do without it.

    As a fellow Canadian I know it must have been hard to leave; however, when one finds the right person that makes their life a real pleasure, as apparently you have, then there is no home like the one you can share together wherever it is.

    Happy anniversary to you both!

    1. Thats it. Though I do still sometimes get qa bit homesick for the snow and mountains.