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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Queensland Election 2012

Its my first vote in an Australian Election, and it is all over the news here.

LNP Defeats Labour!

Labour wasn't just defeated, it was destroyed.  Crushed.  Run through the electoral meat grinder.  They fell from a majority government to less than 10 seats, last time I checked.

The state parliament is 89 seats, and the LNP claims about 75 of them.  Quorum aside, only one third of the LNP MPs need show up at any given time to pass laws.

The media is shocked at this kind of loss.  After all labour seats that have been held for 100years by the party have been taken by the LNP.  But truly, no one should be shocked.  Labour has done some things that Labour should never do.  It privatised profitable assets.  It ran a poor campaign.  They even put a guy in my riding that looks like Adolph Hitler's great grandson...

See?  Who was in charge of the local Labour Party publicity?  This is a shocking image.  They would have been better off if they had stuck with Jason Briskey.  I had a better publicity officer when I ran for city council in Edmonton 11 years ago and she wasn't paid.  Its no wonder this riding went to Katter's Australian Party.

But the campaign run by everyone was shocking.  There was a horrible and disgusting anti-gay marriage ad run the KAP.  I'm sorry, but you know what?  The images were shameful in the way they were used.  Why was the ad run at all?

I DO NOT CARE WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR HOUSE.  If you have found someone to love, that is precious, and good on you, gay or straight.  I don't even care of you have children- 2 parents will always be better than one.  But the bottom line is, its not my business.  Therefore, I do not care.

Next time, Bob Katter, take a lesson from the Kim Campbell election team and shut the fuck up.  You'll get more votes.

The LNP's campaign was lackluster.  I hardly heard a peep out of them this whole election.  So quiet, in fact, you didn't hear of any mistakes either.

But they also weren't operating with such an unpopular track record as the Bligh government.  Yes, Bligh government.  Anna is a descendant of that most infamous of captains.

Thirteen years of selling profitable government assets and forced shire amalgamations, and the disgusting and expensive Carbon Tax passed by their Federal Brethren took its toll in Queensland.  Labour was rightly thrown out of government.

Should have happened years ago.

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