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Monday, 19 March 2012

Fantasy Fiction II

(Please keep in mind that this is a draft.  Things may change from to time, but don't worry.  There are no changes yet.  I invite comments and suggestions)

She pulled out her communication crystal.  "Captain Reese calling Colonel Talen,"
"Go ahead, captain." The voice of her colonel came through her mind like he was riding behind her.
"Discovered smoke on the horizon, before I was able to investigate, I saw a, well, something, flying towards us.  It is now moving away from me at speed, to the smoke."

"Show me," Captain Reese held up the crystal, "is it a bird?"

"Don't think so sir."

"Learn what you can, Captain. Defend yourself if necessary."

"Sir," she said, replacing the crystal.

Commander Jecker stood up on the bridge of Sea Fire, the navy's only battleship carrier hybrid, thinking about the nature of the mission handed to the ship.  "Go out and circumnavigate the globe.  Our navy will be the first to do it."  Because the country wasn't at war with anyone art the moment.  They'd given the Captain a resupply ship and a destroyer class escort.

Everyone knew the continent was the only land in the world.  The fact that they have sailed east for seven days and nights without seeing a trace of land seemed to prove it.  Today, something was coming, flying out of the North East.  It wasn't moving like an airplane.  More like something alive...

At it came closer, he could see monstrous wings beating the air, and a tail that stretched out behind it.  A massive set of jaws opened and closed once, with a puff of smoke.

He raised his binoculars.  There's someone on its back. What the fuck?
Training took over, "Sound battle stations, Captain to the Bridge," he said.
"Aye, Sir."  The Lieutenant responded.  Klaxons blew.  
On the foredeck,  Jecker could see crew scrambling to man the guns and AA batteries.  He continued giving orders."Order all ships to battle stations.  Recall scouts.  Target airborne at 1030."

The door to the bridge opened and Captain Carlyle entered,"Status?"

"Captain.  Unknown approaching airborne at 1030.  It looks like some kind of monster, sir."

The captain lifted binoculars to his eyes."Fuck me.  Ensign.  Order all guns fire when its in range."

Commander Jecker, still looking through binoculars interjected,"Sir there appears to be someone riding it."

"Commander, that's a monster, a threat.  I'm shooting it down.  Ensign!"

"Aye aye Sir,"

The deck guns swiveled to meet the threat and within seconds, the AA batteries opened up.

As shells began to burst all around the monster, a deafening roar was heard above the noise, and it retracted its wings and dove at the destroyer.  Its machine guns opened fire, filling the crowded sky with tracer rounds.  The bullets didn't seem to worry it, however.  The monster made it inside the heavy AA cover.  Then the massive jaws opened wide and fire engulfed 2/3 of the vessel.  All of the forward machine guns fell silent.  And another round flame obscured the vessel.

"Avos C. Haler," the captain swore," those men are burning."

A deck stored torpedo exploded from the heat, blowing a massive hole in the superstructure of the ship.

A shell from the Sea Fire took the monster on its side.  The shaped charge exploded on contact, and the entire thing smashed onto the deck of the burning destroyer.  Roaring, and screaming, the monster was flopping around like a caught fish, in its death throes.  The destroyer, on fire, suffered another explosion.  A magazine went up.  The destroyer began to list.

"Order Seneschal come about 180, engines to full, head back to port.  Helm, come about 180, we'll cover her."

"Aye, Aye, sir."

"Captain, Alpha One is in sight sir, Shit," Commander Jecker cursed," There's another behind Alpha One."

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