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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Driving History: Notes

You should know, because my Driving History saga is one of the most popular reads on my blog, that my Driving History only has 5 more vehicles.  They are, in order:

Interlude: The Dodge Magnum Rental- I forgot that this car comes before the supercharged Commodore.  I only drove it for 3 weeks on a trip back to Canada, and its one of the best stories.

2004 supercharged Commodore:  I Still own this car.

1995 VS Commodore SS Wagon: the purchase of an idiot

1995 Audi 80- Death of a car- the only Australian car I had that doesn't have a photo- I'll pull one from the net.

1989 Honda Prelude: I still own this car

That said.  It is likely that I'll be replacing the prelude this year or next,  she seems to be on her way out.  Maybe I'll ask my readers to take a vote.

It is a real shame that I don't have more vehicles to offer.

On a side note, I've had over 500 hits on my blog.  Thank you very much for being apart of things so far. 

April A to Z starts in about 10 days, and I hope you are looking forward to reading my works as much as I'm looking foward to the challenge.

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