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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Poem

A poem:

To quote John Cleese: And now for Something Completely Different..

Back to the Shadows

In late fall, the early snow

On narrow streets of cobblestone

With memories only he would know,

A man walks and walks alone.

And from the clouds, a somber glow,

Shatters his heart, no longer stone,

He struggles to leave, to let her go,

A church bell rings, a saddening tone.

He walks on still, eyes kept low,

Back to the Shadows, to remain unknown.

poem copyright 1989 all rights reserved.

That was written over 20 years ago.  Seems like a lifetime, back when I thought I could write poetry.  I remember why I wrote it, I was trying to get over a crush I had on someone in high school.  A long time ago, on another continent.

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