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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

April A to Z Challenge

I have dome something silly.  I have made a commitment to be a part of the April A to Z Challenge.  This means that in April, excepting the last 4 Sundays, I'll be posting every day.

Each post will be begin with the appropriate letter.  Sunday April 1st will begin with the letter A, Monday the 2nd B, and so on.

I am only one blog of many.  When I signed up for the challenge there were nearly 800 sites involved.  I encourage any of my readers to check out a few of the others, as posted on this link:

Given the sheer number of blogs, I know there'll be something on there that you might be sorry you didn't read.

I plan to include in April, poetry as written by me, fiction samples, editorials and anedotes.

Its going to be a busy month.  Its also going to be fun.

The Blazer story will continue, likely tomorrow, and I'd like to thank all you who have followed by blog to date, as I have reached 300 page views.

The blogging experience is new to me, and I am enoying it.

I encourage comments and questions.  Please leave one if something strikes you.

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