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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Of Mohawk Haircuts and Other Weirdness

Okay, first the other weirdness.  As a bespectacled person I have determined that the problem with looking for my glasses is that while I can't see them, they can quite clearly see me.

On with the headline proper.

Mohawk haircuts.  I had hoped the hairstyle had ended it's heyday with the demise of the A-Team from the airwaves.  Sadly, the reports of it's death were greatly exaggerated.

The fad has once again gotten out of hand..  The evidence I offer here is undeniable proof that this has, indeed, happened, with out doubt or question.

I saw something that damn near made me heave up my half eaten Subway sandwich.

A guy, who appeared to be about fifty, grey hair and all, sported one in the local mall's concourse.  He didn't even have the sense to shave the sides.  It looked completely ridiculous.  This spiky hairstyle didn't make him look cool. It didn't make him look like an old punk rocker.

It only served to make him look like a never was.

It only served to make him look uncool.

My unshaken sense of conservative styling hopes that the hairstyle came from some stupid wager the person- I wanted to say gentleman, but the haircut renders that word impossible to use- lost.  The more likely truth that it was something his misguided mid life crisis hormones encouraged him to take on notwithstanding.

Even if its some kind of world's greatest shave thing, can we just stop it?  I'm all for finding a cure for cancer but not at the expense of seeing something like that.  Especially over lunch

I will unequivocally say that Mr. T. remains the only living person who can pull off that hairstyle, everyone else is just a fool and a sucka.

All of which serves to remind me, its time for a haircut...


  1. I suppose I should stop wearing my tie-dyed shirts now that I am on Medicare...

  2. I know what you mean. Sometimes I look at hairstyles and clothes and wonder: What in heaven's name was that poor fool thinking?

    1. Onlu he knows. Whatever's going on in his or her head must be the antithesis of common sense.