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Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Last Few Weeks in Torggil's World: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Insanity describes my last few weeks, accurately at that.

It truly is all happening, and its been a mixed bag of treats.

Good: My wife had her surgery and has recovered in good order.

Bad:  We've been on one income.

Ugly:  Money's tighter than speedos on a sumo wrestler.

Good:  The stepdaughter and her husband are moving out.

Bad:  There was fight with the in-law because the lazy ass wouldn't get off the couch.

Ugly:  Residual bad blood remains.

Good:  The Wife goes back to work, finally

Bad:  First night back she has a fall and severely sprains her ankle.

Ugly:  Needs a few more days.

Good:  I may have a line on a new job.  Coincidentally the school for which I work is offering redundancy packages.

Bad:  A maybe does not a job make.  I have to stay put until I actually have a job.

Ugly:  If I do get the one I apply for, I may be unable to blog more than once or twice a month.  And my night position ends at the end of the coming week.  They'll want me on days.  I don't particularly want a day shift.

Good:  My little Honda is back on the road.

Bad:  I still owe my mechanic $500.

Ugly:  My mechanic is a biker.

There's more, of course, but you get the general idea.

So my life has been a bit of a wild ride these last few weeks.  Things are stabilizing, though, and I hope to be back up to three blogs a week for as long as is practical.  If I do get that job, I'll let you know and give you notice so you know what to expect.


  1. I like this post format!

    Adding my wishes for you to get the job! And for a speedy recovery to the Wife.

  2. Actually, I'm quite proud of that post, Colleen, and as funny as some of it is, it is also true. If you like a challenge, I'll challenge you to create a "Good, bad, and ugly" post. There should be at least three items.

  3. Goodness! I'm sorry to hear all the bad and ugly..but hopefully the good outshines them all, even just a bit?

    Here's to a new job soon and a fast recovery for your wife. And I do hope the bad blood thing mends. That's never fun.

    Love the challenge you've issued! Methinks I'll take it up tomorrow. I'll let you know :D