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Monday, 18 June 2012

The Why of my absence

It's not rocket science. Simply put, my computer farted and then shit itself. I think windows vista and my nvidia graphics card has had their marriage end in divorce. I think vista got the hard drive and the card got the RAM in the final settlement.  All of my attempts to mediate in the situation have left me frustrated as they have ended, after marathon sessions, in failure.

It's not all bad, I think, as I have gotten that other job, I'm going to buy a new computer with the redundancy money.  With windows 7.  I hate vista!

So now I'm writing this update on my Samsung tablet.  Ok for net surfing but a thrice cursed nightmare for blog posts.  I swear I could have written this post three times over in the same amount of time with a simple keyboard. Stupid touchscreen. Too damn high a PITA factor (pain in the ass).

Thank you, Jen, over at Widdershuns and Skeleton Keys, for being the first to try my good bad and ugly challenge.  i had a good chuckle. Sorry about not properly linking you blog.  I'm having difficulty with this tablet nonsense.  She is the last follower on my list.  Check out her blog.  A brilliant writer with a solid sense of humour.

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