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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Reports of my Death

They've been exaggerated, to say the least.

New laptop, which means proper typing, which means ....

I'm  Baa-AAck!


No one and nothing is safe from my rants.  We all know that.  I'm working, I got my payout. 

Over 6 thousand dollars and wiped out in 24 hours.  Goddamn bills.  I, at least, bought a cheap laptop.  And by cheap, I mean ACER.  A brand I have only slightly more respect for than COMPAQ- I will never again own one of those.

So, What happened to my ASUS?

Graphics card shit itself.  Over heats and crashes the machine.

To help minimize this, I bought an i-5 which I am given to understand runs somewhat cooler than the the old core duo. 

The decision to buy this was a budget one.  An i5 with 4 gigs ram and 1 gig dedicated graphics was the minimum I was aiming for, and I acheived it for less than $700.  So I guess that makes me a sucker.  Next thing you know, I'll buy a great wall ute.

Regardless, Its good to be connected.

So, what do I owe you?

The last chapter in A Driving History.  I will be discussing my Prelude soon.

I'll even tell you bout my new job.  I see the sun these days, thats a big change.

I also get to drive the Gillies- 20km of twisty mountain road that is as fun to drive as it is paradoxically annoying.  It is almost too long.  But I will dedicate a full post to that drive.

And I still haven't got the damn haircut.


  1. Welcome back. Hope the laptop is working for you. :-)

  2. Welcome back. Why don't you buy a cooling pad to put under your laptop? You can get them at a reasonable price these days. They plug into your laptop for power. We use them at home here.

  3. I'll look into it. I didn't know they existed.