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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Eddard: Chapter 3 (Con't)

On The Run

As soon as that thought entered my head, I knew it was the right one.  Mystra's Tears, what did you do Wren?
I knew I had to get out of there.  But instead of leaving right away, I pretended like I found her when I entered an empty room.  I stayed there for about a minute- long enough to check in on my client.  Then I walked down the stairs, and straight out of the building, taking only a quick detour to walk past Ulf, who looked completely unaware something was up.  All I said to him was "trouble."
I walked out of Minx's.  It took a heap of effort to keep from running, but I knew that would only draw attention to me.  It wasn't long, however, before the city watch was headed past me to the festhall.  I had made my getaway.  I headed straight back to the Inn where the party was supposed to be staying.  Garrus and Logan were in the taproom with Thoram.  Of Azzarak, Wren, or Ulf there was no sign.
I did what I could to alter my appearance, and then sat with the others.  Ulf did arrive very shortly later.  No one knew where Azzarak was.  As we sat there debating our best option, a street urchin arrived and gave a note to Garrus.
"It's from Wren," he said," it's directions to a warehouse."
"Let's go," I said rising immediately.
We walked through the streets, trying not to make ourselves conspicuous because of the late hour.  As we neared the place, we were stopped by the city watch. 
"We're looking for a young half-elf female.  You seen her?"
I let Garrus do the talking.  I suspected that my presence as her bodyguard would have been noted, and the watch may soon come looking for me.
"No, we haven't," Garrus replied.
"Do be careful," the guard said,"she is a murderer and a thief.  She is extremely dangerous."
Garrus nodded, "we will."
The guard called over to his comrades,"C'mon boys, lets try over here."
As the guards moved away, Garrus said, "We need to get in here,"
I didn't see how we were going to get in, without Wren to pick the lock, but Garrus produced a key and unlocked the door.  I never asked. but the key must have arrived with the note. 
We went inside the warehouse.  It looked disused, almost derelict from the inside, but once the door shut behind us, she told us what happened.
She came across a deal being made for a 12 year old girl- being sold by a guard Sergeant named Rogan, all happening on the second floor of Mother Minx's.  She felt she had to act, to spare someone from the life she had in Amn as a slave.  Rogan was killed, and the girl taken into Wren's protective care.  According to Wren, the girl was sold by the headmaster of a local orphanage.
Committing murder to save someone from slavery, it seemed a fair trade to me, somehow.  I was just happy I got out of Minx's before they got onto me.  It was because of this, that I was nominated to stay with Wren and the child. 
I felt obligated to try to save them all from slavery, but I wondered if it was possible.
I also wondered how this little escapade of Wren's would affect our chances of rescuing the others.

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