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Sunday, 19 February 2012

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Call this an Editorggil- the Driving History will continue next post.

The New World Order is the Old World Order

These two ideas are one and the same.  Its all about wealth, and wealth comes from trade.

With today's technology, globalisation is inevitable.  For antiglobalisationists this is a very hard pill to swallow.  Economies need to trade.  This is fact, not fiction.  Historically, going back to pre-confederation days in Canada, if there was no trade treaty, particularly with the USA, the economy was in recession.  When trade is restricted, UN embargos for example, the isolated economy begins to suffer.  Trade is a necessity.

Trade also links economies, boosts output, and creates employment: therefore it is desirable to trade.

Technology makes trade easier than ever before.  It is now within the human scope to move a large number things reliably and in good time over vast distances.  Many hazards of shipping can mitigated or even avoided with modern technology.  Radar detects storms, powerful engines to outrun pirates, etc.  Ideas, money, and commitments can be made virtually instantly between any 2 people anywhere in the world making business almost simple by comparison.

It is trade that is driving the world together, and creating common (international) laws to facilitate it.  Laws that should be designed to keep the playing field level, to make trade and its rules easily understood by everyone because trade is a good thing and everyone profits.

Antiglobalisationists will argue that perhaps a product should be bought locally.  That way you protect domestic jobs and keep the cash local.  But should I buy locally if the local product is perceived to be inferior?

No.  I shouldn't be made to do that.

What antiglobalisationists fear is the laws put in place to facilitate trade.  That these laws are already being used to push unknown or conspiratorial agendas they give as fact.

They may be right.  But if this is the case, the New World Order is really just the Old World Order, only the scale is different.

Historically, whether by blood, election or usurpation, the laws have always been made to benefit the rich and powerful, to enhance their wealth and power, to push personal or conspiratorial agendas.  This is especially true of finance and trade laws.  Only today we are talking about a global elite rather than a national one.

The people at the bottom rung of the wealth ladder will have to work very hard indeed to move up, while those at the top will have to work hard just to keep their socioeconomic status.This is no different than in history.  No different than a king and his nobles lording it over the peasants of the middle ages, nor any different than the industrialists and robber barons of the 19th century lording it over the workers.

Don't protest or fear the NWO, its the same flawed system we have been using since the dawn of civilisation.  Call a spade a spade, and work to improve it.

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