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Thursday, 9 February 2012

First post

I'm not entirely sure why I'm doing this.  I suspect its time that I started writing on a regular basis.  I'm hoping that this will lead me to some inspiration on writing my own sci-fi or fantasy novel.  So I suppose you'll want to know who Torggil is.  My handle is taken from one of my D&D characters, one of my most successful and also, an asshole.

My hobbies include anime, role playing games, and strategy games.  I used to hangout with my mates and do a lot of this shit, but, alas, I moved away.  Across the world to be true, and though I've been in this country many years, I've not taken up the strategy games or role-playing.  But I still watch anime, much to my wife's annoyance.

Being almost middle aged- I can't even tell you what my goals are, beyond writing a novel.  I have some life experience- second marriage (first wife died)- no kids (thank the gods, and curse them, too- same reason).  And a schedule that seems to tend to the nighttime hours.

My Wife is very tolerant.  She must love me to put up with my shit.  Why is it that the older we get, the more shit we have?  I'm not talking material wealth.  I'm talking about habits, preferences, and being set in our ways.  We become more fixed and less susceptible to change, less open to new ideas- I suspect you'll see some of it come to life here.

My next couple of posts have to do with driving, they are editorials of a sort, I'll post one tomorrow.  I'm intending to blog at least 5 times a week about, well, shit in my life on Torggil's World... Its my first time blogging, so this should be interesting...

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