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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Eddard's Diary Chapter 3 (Con't)

Eddard's Really Bad Day Part 2


I hushed the girls as I crouched low, bow at the ready.  I could hear rummaging around and then I heard the ladder creak.  I waited.  Just a little longer, I thought, wait for it...
A head appeared at the the top of the ladder, I kicked at it, knocking him off the ladder. 
"There they are!  Get him!."
I lined up one with my bow, determined that I meant business.  I let the arrow go, and managed to wing one them in the leg.  By the tears of Mystra, first clouting a little girl, then shooting an unarmed individual.  Would this day never end?
"The next one what comes up here, dies!" I called down to them.  That paused the four men. "I will not permit these children to become slaves."
"What?"  That from the one I wounded.
"These girls were sold as slaves by the headmaster at the orphanage!"  I drew upon my oratory skills for all they worth.  I was at a cross roads here.  If they didn't believe me, they would be back with more people.  I couldn't hold off all of them, though I was confident I could against these four.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to get them all, and I didn't want to.  They were just trying to find a murderer, and a thief.   But maybe they could help us.  We had to prove slavery in a town where those in the trade are established citizens, and even wealthy merchants, important for the economy of the town.
"I have been investigating a case of slave taking for some months.  With the help of some my friends, we have already managed to rescue a handful from certain slavery in Amn and returned them to the their homes.  We tracked more slaves, taken from their homes, from their loved ones, by bandits and sent here."
The men listened, disbelief slowly being replaced by anger.
"Sergeant Rogan was killed in the act of procuring a 12 year old girl for the pleasure of his Amnite master."
The men were visibly angry now.
"She was obtained, for monetary consideration, from the headmaster of the local orphanage."
They became really angry with that last line.  Wren appeared behind the men and made her way forward.
One of the men remembered the money, but before he could say anything, I forestalled him.  "She works with me, and has been crucial in the gathering of this information.  The girls trust her, even as I do."
None of the men moved towards her.  She climbed the ladder.  When she got the top, she told me three things.  She learnt that the remaining slaves were going to be moved soon, most likely that night.  She also said that Denthos was behind the slavery operation.  She believed the people would be taken out of Scornubel by river.
"Good people, I have just been given some important information.  The Amnite Denthos is behind the local slave operation.  I have been told that the remaining slaves from the baronies will be moved to the river tonight."
"Kill the Amnite!  Free the slaves!" came the call from the floor of the warehouse.  It wasn't long before it turned into a chant. 
"My friends, please," I said, gesturing to lower the noise from the building.  As they calmed down I said," Do not throw away your lives attacking the Amnite.  His men would kill you without a second thought.  Leave freeing the slaves to us.  We have friends and are getting quite used to this kind of thing."
They looked disappointed, but still angry.
"But we, as outsiders, can't do anything about the headmaster.  That's what I need you to do.  Go to your favourite hangouts.  Tell your friends and anyone else what has been happening there, gather them," I said a seed of a plan forming in my mind,"and meet me at the merchant square ear the orphanage, one hour after sunset."
"Do this and we can put a stop to the evil that has taken root in your neighbourhood.  Do this and we can bring justice to people who have operated without it for far too long.
"One hour after sunset.  I will update you all then."
The men left.  Talking among themselves. 
I think they were looking forward to the coming night.
I was happy, too.  I was going to use the riot that I would incite to draw the guard away from the people transporting the slaves, taking the city guard out of the equation. 
Inciting a riot.  Should a paladin be doing that?
I couldn't let that thought stop me, there was still a lot to do. 

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