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Monday, 10 September 2012

Eddard: Chapter 2



As the night's darkness deepened, Wren disappeared.  One minute she was there,the next, gone like a shadow.  On a chore that will set off my first foray into real combat.  It wasn't until she disappeared that my nervousness, so long held in check, started to make my hand tremble.  Sooner than I thought possible, the signal, a bird call,  was heard, it was time.
We rushed the cavern's entrance, weapons out.  We were as quiet as possible, which wasn't very, because of the armour jingled and the weapons slapped against our bodies making an ungodly clamour.  I have no doubt the goblins heard us approach.
We stormed the the cavern.  I was front and centre, my Divine protection making it harder for evil to hit me, and those closest.  We burst into the first chamber, two hobgoblins were standing in full weapons and armour.  Four more were sitting at a table. 
My weapons were in my hands as I cut and thrust simultaneously, my cut missed completely, but my thrust drove halfway into its belly, wounding it badly.  Its backhanded swing put a rent in my chain mail.  Steel rang on steel as he blocked my next swing.  I easily dodged his response.  Again I swung the weapons one high for its face, he parried, but the sword aimed at its belly sank to the hilt.  It collapsed, dead before it hit the floor.
Thoram struck the other, severing its head from it shoulders in a single sweep of the battle axe.  I moved to the table where Garrus, Ulf and Azzarak were engaging the other four.  I took one attacking Garrus (he was holding back two) by complete surprise, as my swords drove for his flank.  He spun and my offhand attack as my fore hand short sword slashed across his chest, drawing blood, wounding him slightly.  He swung at me, his blade cutting through my armour, cutting a scratch across my neck as I desperately snapped my head back in an effort to spoil his reach.  It worked, because his cut didn't kill me.
My blades rang on his, and his mine as we traded swings and then, as he parried my right hand swing, my left found its mark, sinking into its side with a thrust, I'll never forget the look of surprise on its face as it coughed blood and died.
I looked around the room.  Garrus and Ulf had dropped their opponents, and Thoram was moving towards the back of the room where the tunnel led deeper into the hillside.  Like me, Azzarak had killed his.
Even as I looked towards it, three hobgoblins charged through it.  They were noticeably larger, and better equipped then the others, and one towered above the others.  Azzarak and Ulf charged it.  I took the one on the left.  Garrus, having dropped his, moved to the other bodyguard.
I engaged mine with a fervour.  Steel rang on steel was our weapons crashed together, and crashed again.  Neither could gain an upper hand.  I was wary, which probably made this battle harder.  I knew a good hit would kill me. 
Thoram moved on the big one even as Azzarak took a hit.  That wicked battle axe of his preventing the chief from pressing the advantage.  My primary weapon rang off my beast's armour even as I dodged another swing, and then Logan said,"Goblins."
I could hear the noise coming from the exit passage.  It sounded like the entire camp was coming to get us.  I redoubled my efforts as they came closer.  Logan and Azzarak moved to block the entrance with Wren. 
I got my second short sword through its guard, drawing more blood and ducked under a reprisal swing.  Thoram took a mighty swing at the chief, seriously wounding it.
Goblins tried to push their way into the room, nearly overwhelming the defenders, but somehow they kept the goblins out. 
Ulf Hit the cheif square dealing a hard blow to it belly, as it doubled over, Thoram's axe claimed another head.  Garrus dropped his bodyguard and all three turned to the door.  I was left to deal with the last one myself, alone.  It took a great swing, obviously intent on finishing me, but it was overextended, and my right blade slammed into its jaw and into its skull.  I had some trouble pulling the blade away.  By the time I turned around, the fight was over.
The goblins broke and ran when they saw the last one fall. running out of the cave like the devil was at their heels.  Maybe he was, Ulf chased them to the entrance, throwing a spear and killing one before they slipped into the night.
I was breathing heavy, and the priests prayed for healing.  I felt my wound partially close as Logan called upon the power of Red Knight.
After we got out breath back, we headed into the back room.  What we found there disturbed all of us.

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